Hello lovelies,I’m totally a Kohl-Person. I  love using Kajal , In fact I use it almost every day before stepping out of the house & I’m sure most of the women in India are Kajal-lovers too 🙂 So today I’m going to review A kajal, it is the Coloressence Bridal Kajal . So let’s begin with the review  😀

Coloressence Bridal Kajal Review, Pictures and Swatches
Coloressence Bridal Kajal Review, Pictures and Swatches


About the product-

Does your kajal often get smudged after using it? If yes then buy Coloressence Bridal Kajal – Black. This unique ayurvedic formula is soft and soothing to the eyes. The added ingredients like trifla, camphor, and almond oil helps in improving vision and brighten the eyes for a stunning look.

  What the product claims –

  • Intricate Blend of American Carbon, Essential Oils and Almond Oil
  • Water-proof and Ultra Smooth
  • Unique Fast Dry Formula
  • Long-lasting without Smudging and Flaking

Price– Rs.99/-

Quantity– 2.5 g

Shelf life– 2 years

Ingredients– Triphla, Camphor, Essential Oils, Almond Oil, American Carbon.

Packing- Comes in a twist up stick and is conical in shape

My take on Coloressence Bridal Kajal

I got this kajal  with a coloressence kit that I bought online. Being fond of kohls I was excited to try this one. I’ve used many lipstick style kajals and this one is a lipstick type kajal as well .I’m not a fan of twist up Kajals but this Black & Silver twist up stick looks very stylish. It is very similar to Oriflame Beauty Kajal Eye Liner which is twice the price of this one! So over all I’m happy with the look.  The pointed tip allows to draw fine lines on as well as below the waterline.

The Kajal is SMELL”less” 😛 It has a soft texture & makes the application effortless but gives no soothing effect to the eyes although it is made from natural ingredients & has camphor. I wish it did smell something natural as I’m fond of herbal and natural fragrances. Fortunately It doesn’t sting the eye & can be applied to the waterline Also causes no irritation and hence safe for sensitive eyes. So this is a one more plus point

Coloressence Bridal Kajal Review, Pictures and Swatches

It is water resistant. But it isn’t smudge proof.  The kajal stays for maximum 2 hours & then starts fading & by the time I reach home after college it disappears totally, But I’m GLAD it didn’t give me Raccoon witchy eyes. Also After being used for a long time the pointed tip gets blunt & making finer lines becomes difficult and there’s nothing that can be done about it since it isn’t a pencil kajal and we cannot sharpen it.

The Kajal is not JET BLACK, Especially on the waterline one stroke isn’t enough, I had to apply it thrice to get intense black eyes.

I wear contacts and I was afraid of ruining my lenses. As of now I don’t know whether it is a contact-lens friendly kajal or not.

What I like about Coloressence Bridal Kajal

  • Economical
  • Stylish Packing
  • Available widely , especially everywhere online
  • Has natural ingredients
  • Doesn’t sting the eye
  • Can be applied on the waterline

What I don’t like about Coloressence Bridal Kajal

  • Not intensely black
  • Not smudge proof
  • Fades after 1-2 hours
  • Gives no soothing or cooling effect on application
  • The tip gets blunt on regular usage and nothing can be done

BFF Rating– 3/5

Will I repurchase or Recommend?

I don’t think I’d buy it as it does not stay for more than 1-2 hours and is also not smudge proof. Ladies who love collecting kajals can give it a go as it is cheap & you might like it if you ignore the smudging part.

Until Next time, take care ladies 🙂

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Coloressence Bridal Kajal Review, Pictures and Swatches

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