Hey there guys! The content we are doing today is really interesting for all you guys believe me! Basically, I am in good mood writing about it to you all. A new concept, for all the shoppers and the brand obsessed people, to say so, has come up online. I know, we all have experienced the dilemma of getting some clothes out of our wardrobe/closet as you say. So the concept of Closet Sale is that you get a chance to sell products from your wardrobe/.closet which you dont use anymore but they are still as good as new.


How bad you feel when an attire you bought for an occasion does not fit you anymore and is just lying in your closet, whereas you have to spend so much money on buying a new attire for another occasion, and the cycle goes on and on, and we end up with overstuffed closets but still got nothing appropriate to wear! In this era of Facebook, it is a crime if you repeat an attire many times. It pains to see those lovely clothes hanging in the closet and still you have to spend so much on buying new ones. I can totally empathize.Picture-4

I introduce you to this website www.closera.com. So what is this website about? Primarily, the idea for this was envisioned a year ago, when the basic and a clichd question of I dont have anything to wear, even when our closets are overflowing with clothes popped up! For most of us, there are numerous amounts of reasons and excuses to discard a few bought clothes of a particular brand. After spending so much on branded products, we are forced to pile them up in our closet, even if we dont wear them anymore. Not anymore bracuse what www.closera.com has done is that you now can easily put your not needed clothes on sale and shop the other similar closets online. What it does is, it resolves the concern of over-spending on brands and our overstuffed closet. You can meet people with the same taste in clothes, sell your clothes to them and buy their clothes. You can become Closet buddies. Just imagine the amount of money you will save by sharing your closet with others and invading other fashionistas closets. The majority of the products listed on Closera is almost 70% off retail and are as good as new, you will not be disappointed. So upload your products and earn money to buy new ones from others, and surprise people by wearing variety of fashionable clothes, that too by earning money in the process.IMAG0137_1Picture-6

When we spoke to a member of www.closera.com we were really amazed and shocked to hear what they have in their mind. These are their exact words Let me put up a strange fact in front of you. It takes somewhere around 2000 gallons of water to make one denim jean and almost 26 000 Crore gallons of water a year is used to make jeans that are distributed across India. This is just denim jeans. Dont you think in the name of fashion we are wasting a lot? Why waste a product when we can wash it, soak it, iron it and use it again. The youth today is out of these cliched thoughts of not using a product which is as good as new and they will respond to this idea of ours in a very healthy manner. Adding to it-

  • Closera, is promoting premium brands only. For eg- Mango, ZARA, Vero Moda, Bebe, etc. & even brands like Gucci, Prada, Coach, etc..
  • Just register yourself and set your closet up for sale by uploading beautiful pictures of your products.
  • It has created a tutorial too, for your convenience which can be found here.
  • Once the product is ordered by a customer, Closera picks up the packed product from your very doorstep, delivers it to the buyer and transfers the money in sellers bank account. Very Convenient! Seems like we really earning a lot by doing nothing!
  • Customers can even directly chat with the seller and clear all their doubts.

So everyone, get yourselves working on your closets and experience Closet Sale.

There is a contest going on Closeras Facebook page and they are giving away a gift voucher worth Rs. 5,000. Do participate..!!

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