Beyonce flaunting a box braid hairstyle


Box braid is a hairstyle we all are very well aware of. This involves sectioning of your hair before braiding the entire length of your hair into thin plaits. Even though it is very time consuming hairstyle but it looks pretty stylish. This hairstyle is generally flaunted by women with corkscrew curls. In case your hairs are thin and short then you can use extensions to flaunt this lookJ.

Solange wearing box braid hairstyle
Before going for this hairstyle make sure that your hair are properly washed, conditioned and combed. In case you are intended to wear this hairstyle for a longer period then make sure that you keep your scalp clean. To make sure that your hairstyle gets the much deserved attention, keep your outfit muted. This hairstyle is ideal when you want to give your hair rest from day to day styling. You can accessorise this hair style with a headband for a boho look. Try some statement earrings as well for a glam lookJ.
So girls do let me know your take on this hairstyleJ.  
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Box Braid Hairstyle: A Time Consuming But Very Stylish Hairstyle

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