The B-town, since its inception has been a place of controversies and the year 2014 was no different. Some of the happenings of this year were like the ones we had never witnessed before. From some stars being slapped to some horrible breakups, the celebs have been so very active this year with some gossip and masala. Today here we will take a look at some of the most shocking controversies of this year.

Gauhar Khan slapped:

Ouchhhhh….! That must have really hurt. The famous model cum actor cum item girl and the Big Boss fame Gauhar Khan hasn’t been well this year. From her breakup with Kushal Tondan to her being slapped on the sets of India’s Raw star, this year must have taken a toll on her. She was allegedly slapped by a radical islamist saying that she is a muslim thus she must wear “proper clothes” sic. The industry gives us shocks every now and then with these kinds of happenings. May she get back to normal as soon as possible.


Preity Zinta’s accusation of molestation and physical abuse against Ness Wadia:

As if their break up wasn’t in itself a shock, Miss Zinta alleged that she has been molested by her ex-beau and fellow team owner Ness Wadia in public. She claimed that he had been abusing her since quite some time and she lost her patience when he publicly abused and molested her in this year’s IPL’s semi-final. Well the media grabbed the news and we stood in shock as the drama unfolded step by step. From the police stations to the Wankhede stadium we could smell controversy everywhere.


Priyanka  Chopra’s (alleged) involvement in a sex racket:

Well not literally but yeah she had rented a house to some known people, who allegedly ditched her and the place was being used for a sex racket. What a shame! But thankfully for her she got out clean. Nevertheless the news columns were full of such news. Poor Priyanka, be more careful next time.


Makdee actress Shweta Basu in a sex scandal:

This was one of the most shocking news you would hear, yes the Makdee actress got herself involved in a prostitution scandal and literally so. This news was repeatedly reported by the daily newspapers and she got screwed. We hope she is able to come over this mental trauma and come over even stronger.


Hrithik-Sussane split and Arjun Rampal:

Well! As it is the news of the divorce was shocking enough but the controversy of the involvement of Arjun Rampal created as something we rarely see, the newspaper went as far as claiming Sussane left Hrithik because of her intimacy with Rampal.


Deepika Padukone locked horns with a daily newspaper over the cleavage issue:

Well this episode was indeed a shocker and went on quite long. The news article was shocking and what was amazing was Deepika Padukone’s befitting reply. This war of words went on for a while and then there was a truce. But whatever be the episode, the fight pleased all the feminists and all the country hooted for the fighting lady when she locked her horns.


Anushka Sharma’s lip surgery:

Everything was normal, the sun had arisen from the east, the sky was blue and the water was wet. But as soon as Koffee with Karan’s episode featuring Anushka Sharma got aired, the talk of the town shifted to her lips. They were swelled and she definitely did not look her best. She later confirmed that she had gone under the knife but it was temporary for a look in some movie. God knows whether it was true or false but it made us giggle for quite some time.



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