Its always wonderful when you see your blog on the list of one of the best fashion blogs which you should follow for style tips in India and yaah, recently we found our blog to be listed as 20 Indian fashion bloggers you should follow for style tips at Social Samosa which was a very nice and pleasant surprise for me and Rashmi and we were like Yay! Great to see that our fashion and beauty blog is being recognized now and we are getting a little popular 🙂 hehe?beauty-and-fashion-freaks-in-news-1

Its been a little journey for both of us sisters. From being a beauty and fashion blogger to walking on the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week 2014 and from being a novice in the field of fashion to one of the best fashion bloggers in India, its been an amazing journey.

Thank you all for you support and love! We would like to thank Social Samosa for listing us as one of the best fashion bloggers in India. ?You can read the whole article here.

Lots of love and kisses. 🙂 Keep in touch :*

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BFF – Among Best Indian Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow for Style Tips

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