Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk- Review

Hello all! Now a days the trend of using cleansing milk to remove make up and dust has increased a lot as water only removes the outer dust and fails to wash away the dust hidden deep inside the skin. Cleansing milk removes the impurities which are hidden deep inside the skin. So today I am going to review a cleansing milk “Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk.”
What the product claims:         
Ayur Deep Cleansing milk is a natural herbal cleanser which gently lifts away make up, dirt and other impurities leaving the skin feeling soft, clean and healthy. Apply with cotton wool or tissue on face and neck with upward and outward movements. To close the pores use Ayur’s astringents for best results.
Aqua, Paraffinum, Liquidum, Emulsefying Wax, Triethamolamine Stearate, Rose(Rose canine), Extract cucumber(cucumbis sativis) extract, Aloe vera(Aloe barbadensis) extract, Olive Oil, Vitamin-E, Isopropyl Myristate, Silicon Oil, Propylene Glycol, Allantoin, Phenoxyethanol, Methyl Paraben, Propyl paraben, EDTA, Imidazolidinyl urea, Fragrance.
Price and Quantity: Rs.45 for 100ml
My take on Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk:
This product comes in a translucent bottle and has a flip cap. The small opening ensures squeezing always pops out adequate amount of lotion. The packaging is quite travel friendly. Its color is pure white and it has a mild fragrance. The lotion is neither too thick nor too watery. The product has the consistency which a lotion should have. Whenever I have used this product I definitely get a clean feeling on my face and neck as all the dust comes on the cotton wool. The lotion is a little greasy but I guess it is this greasiness which does the cleaning job well. It makes my face and neck soft though the softness does not remain for a long time.
To check how effective this product is I have applied Maybelline hooked on pink lipstick, Revelon Colorstay blue Eyeliner and Oriflame Pure Color Radiant Red lipstick on my hand. With one sweep of the cleansing milk all of them came off partially and after 1-2 more sweeps it was all gone.
Check out the following pictures for a better idea:
                                                        Amount applied for cleansing
                                                               Before Cleansing
                                                                After one Sweep  
                                                         After Cleansing(2-3 sweeps) 
Pros of Ayur Deep Pore
Cleansing Milk:
  • Reasonable price.
  • Removes dust and dirt effectively.
  • Removes make up easily.
  • Makes skin soft and smooth.
  • It is a herbal product.
  • Does not have any side effects.
  • Travel friendly


Cons of Ayur Deep Pore
Cleansing Milk:
  • Contains Parabens.
  • It makes your skin a little greasy so might not be much suitable
    for extremely oily skin.
Final Rating: 3.85/5
Will I repurchase Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk?
Well I might repurchase as it does quite a decent job at this price.

Do I recommend

 Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk?

I do recommend this product to all those who have normal to dry skin and wants a pocket friendly cleansing milk who performs a decent job. Those who have oily skin can use it but those who have extremely oily skin might face a problem with it.

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