Who doesnt like to look fashionable? No one wants look out of fashion senses in any way. Celebrities have tons of resources to look the way they do but a common man/ women? What does he/she do to look trendy and beautiful all the time. With their limited resources common people barely have the privilege to buy expensive designer made clothes, but what if I told you a brand which is not so expensive but makes you look like you want to with the minimum resources you have. Yes you can! Is what I would give the slogan to this brand after going through its website and looking after the stuff that I can possess at the offered prices. It is a wonderful initiative named American swan which has got introduced to me and I am writing this article to introduce it to you.

What is American swan all about?

Well it is a fusion of the Europeans and classic American dressing lifestyle. An amalgamation of two of the most stylish and popular cultures present in the world today. They offer you clothes, apparel, shoes, accessories and what not. This is more of an initiative as I look at it than a fashion brand. It is a one stop store where you can look at all that you want and purchase all what you desire. It might look like a wish come true as you read, and you know some wishes do come true đŸ˜‰ .

After getting introduced to it I visited the website and look what I found, a website full of trendy stuff that I search for in stores and even after hours of search in malls find one or two things to buy. Then I realized now I can get it all sitting at home. For you I will now tell you about the website and my experience with it.

Experience with the website:

As soon as you open the website this page appears like this:american-swan-beauty-and-fashion-freaks-beautyandfashionfreaks

I was so very impressed with their surprise of a ‘Surprise Sale’. I havent really come across any website which has come up with this logic of surprise sales. So the first impression is a thumbs up. Now when one gradually scrolls down you can see elaborated and user friendly categories on the web page. As the winter season has just arrived the have rightly put up the winter collection on the first page. I even liked the display sweaters that the model was wearing.

Categories- the website like all others and neccasarily so, has been bifurcated into broad men and women categories and in them divided on different basis. But whats catchy was the ? ‘whats new section along with e-voucherand media. They even had a separate category for sale. This makes the work of a shopper so much more easier. We dont have to search for the discounted products from the lot, all is available separately.

How does it feel surfing the website?

Its gives a good feeling. You feel you are shopping at the right place where you have to choose from so many products that you like. While many a times I suffer from no-liko-mania where I dont like anything and then I search vigorously for the thing I like and then buy it. This was quite different and thankfully so. Further the blog content and news update also adds to a different feeling while shopping which I quite liked.

All and all I would give the website a big thumbs up. And my ratings for different aspects of the site would be.

Ease of use- 5/5

Content- 4/5

Stuff- 4.5/5

Appeal- 4/5

Looks- 4/5

Overall- 4.25/5

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