Well there are many things that men like in women. Looks are one of them, they always desire their women to be good in looks but there are certainly some things that men want in women more than good looks. Today we will tell you about just these things. These things will help you make your relationship stronger and will make that bond last longer and forever.

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Men Love Girls Who Are Good Drivers:

Well there is this stereotype which says women can’t drive. God knows if it is true or not, I certainly do not agree but that’s not the point here. The point is what your guy loves. Well, all men love girls who can drive. I have seen this myself and confirmed this with my guy friends too. So if you are a good driver there is one thing you can be sure of and that is, he will for sure be impressed by your driving skills.

A Good Listener:

Well this is what every guy wants and wishes. If you are a good listener then most of the problems are solved. Men naturally are never too expressive and they need time and moments to open up. So if you are patient enough and listen to them, they love that. They love when you hold their hands and just hear what they say even if sometimes its rubbish. They only open up with few people and want you to be one of those, and if you are a good listener then you always have them closer to you.

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Accomplished And Settled, Having Some Aim In Life:

Well old days are gone when men wanted you to be the girl who is all homely. No guy in today’s world wants a housewife. They all want a women who is well accomplished and knows what to do in life. They desire a partner who would support them in what they do and also have their own ambitions. No one likes an over ambitious women but a purpose in life is what can turn a guy on.

A Good Cook:

Well this one is the oldest and seriously it is so very true. These days, or the days in the past this thing will never go. All men love a women who can cook good food, no exceptions.

Real And Ready To Compromise:

All men like women who are real and who do not go after fake things. Men like women who go after the real things in life and not some fake movie stuff. The guys also don’t like girls who put too much makeup, this doesn’t mean they don’t like makeup but if it makes you all cakey it surely bothers them. To add to that this might not please feminists but men do like a women who is ready to compromise for the sake of their family and their relationship, they love a girl if she is all willing to talk it out and solve the issue rather than calling it a day.

Caring And Funny:

All men want their girls to be funny, it is not just the guys job, is it girls?? To be funny all the time, so they also like if their girl is funny as then it makes it fun to hang out with you. Then all men want a caring girl, as generally guys are, they don’t really get pampered from anyone except their moms, so they expect at least their girl to be caring enough for them. Not a big deal is it??

They Like If You Take Care Of Yourself:

Well that here means maintaining your health and body. All men love if you have your eyebrows rightly done and you are all waxed up.

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Strong And Independent:

Men just love strong women, who can look after themselves and are not dependent on them. They too are sometimes vulnerable so they want women to be strong enough, as and when they break down they want to know that her girl will be there to take care of them.

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