Women splurge on lingerie too just like skin care and make-up. Ladies keep on finding the perfect bra size and then buy the most beautiful one. Just like any important piece of women’s clothes, bras and lingerie also needs the proper care and attention it requires. No matter you have small boobs like 32b bras, or big boobs like 32d bras, you should pay attention to your lingerie.


There is no point of spending every penny on new and better-fitting lingerie if we do not know how to take care of it. Over time, we tend to overuse our bras and lingerie that leads to worn out. If we like to maintain the glory and prettiness of our lingerie, there are certain things we must use in order to handle the lingerie with care and love.


The list below may have surprise suggestions but you will know why it is essential too. Below are some recommended things you can add to the proper care of your lingerie:


Special Lingerie Detergent

As we discuss about the lingerie care and treatment, we should also consider the kind of soap or powder we are using for handwashing the lingerie. Any laundry detergent or soap is too harsh for any undergarment. It damages the fibers and sometimes it leaves unwanted residues on our intimate apparel. A special lingerie wash may sound too expensive but it is way cheaper compared to replacing the bras frequently. If you are looking for the special lingerie wash, you can search online for special lingerie detergent and it will include brands like Nordstrom and Castile soap. You can also use baby shampoo as an alternative.

Lingerie Laundry Bag

Bra fitting professionals and other authorities in lingerie always recommend to handwash the bra. However, sometimes we tend to forget to do this and we are so busy that we just throw them on the washing machine to get it done and do other important things. So, it is good news that somebody created a lingerie wash bag. These lingerie wash bags are important because they protect the underpinnings from other laundry items inside the washing machine. You can find this amazing lingerie wash bag online such as Nordstrom. You can pick the size according to your needs. But always keep in mind not to put your bras on dryer. Just hang them to dry.


Soft-Bristled Toothbrush

Do you think this is weird? Is it your first time hearing about this? Actually, this is not unusual. There are women using soft bristled toothbrush to remove stains and secretions on their bras. Simply soaking and rinsing our bras may not be enough when removing stains such as deodorant marks. Using soft-bristled toothbrush is the best way to get rid of unwanted stains along with cold water.


Lingerie Wash Basin

This is also known as the cat litter pan. Having a separate wash tub or basin for lingerie and other intimate undergarment make the washing process easier. A lingerie wash bin is large enough to put more pieces all at once. Since basically this is a basin, it is more simple and easier to rinse the lingerie and squeeze out excess water from it. Want to organize your lingerie before washing them? Consider buying a lingerie wash basin.


Hangers with Pad

Not all the time we use hangers for our bras and other lingerie. However, padded hangers are must-haves for extra special pieces or extra-long lingerie. With padded hangers, it helps in preserving the original shape of our undergarment. Also, it adds elegance on our most treasured clothing piece. If your size is 32D and you want to maintain the shapes and cups of your 32d bras, then padded hangers are for you. You do not need to buy right away, if you really need it, then it is the only time to purchase. No need to hurry but this is a great suggestion for our lingerie.

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