Well whenever we talk about love, what comes to our minds is a perfect love story, like the one of Raj and Simran of DDLJ. Where Raj loves Simran and in the end despite all odds he takes her away and everyone is happy and it ends there. This movie and mostly all Bollywood movies make us believe that there is a Raj somewhere for every Simran, but this hardly happens in real life. Today we will look at some of the most shocking breakups in Bollywood, whose stories on the upper fold appeared to be perfect but in the end it did not turn out to be happy, and shocked the whole world. Here we have some broken marriages and some broken long term relationships. We will see today some dream like stories end up like none of us wanted, the love was lost. I have ranked these according to the breakups that have shocked me the most at the time they happened, so I will start from the bottom of the list and then gradually move to the most shocking break up. So here it is.


This was a real shocker of a breakup. These two had been together since 1/3 of their lifetime and some day we heard about their breakup. Whenever I had heard about the two, I had always been certain of them getting married someday. Shocks just don’t leave us.kellydorjee-lara-dutta-breakup-shocking


No one would have thought at the time of inception of this relationship that it would end and that to on such a bitter note. Both these celebs were a treat to the eye and their chemistry where it all began- on the sets of ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ was just beautiful. Their breakup came as a shocker for all their fans who wanted them to tie the knot. This had some really bad effects on Salman as it is said by many but now he seems to have got over the episode quite well.salman-aishwarya-shocking-breakups


Well some never liked the Jodi and some just loved them but their separation shocked everyone equally. When the news came out at the time of release of jab we met people went as far as to say this is a publicity stunt for the movie, now we can term this as people’s disbelief of the happening. It got confirmed after kareena declared her closeness with the nawab Saif ali Khan. This break up too ended on a bitter note and both of them haven’t worked together in a movie since.shahid-kareena-shocking-breakup


After the Ronaldo incident there were reports of their breakup but still that never happened. But their years long relationship ended just so unexpectedly. They had been together for so long that it seemed eternity but sadly it was not meant to be. The sudden news of their breakup shocked the industry, media and fans alike. What was most shocking was john moving on so very fast and tying the knot with someone else. What seemed impossible happened and happened quickly.john-bipasha-shocking-breakup


This is one of the most shocking news I have heard in long time. The perfect love story, where a guy loves a girl and marries her. Has two beautiful kids and a great career. There was hardly anything any of the two would want to add or subtract but fate had something else in store. The sudden news of their broken marriage was rubbished by all at first as it was impossible to believe one of the happiest couple on earth (at least it appeared this way) could break up. But what is written has to happen. What added to the shock and drama was the alleged demand of alimony by Sussane which again shocked all. This whole story of the two X-love birds ended like no good love story should.suzanne-hrithik-roshan

Well these are not such good stories but by god’s grace there still are some jodis in Bollywood whose love stories can be looked up to and which still make us believe in love and the institution marriage. Take Shahrukh and Gauri or Amitabh and Jaya. I wish all others luck and those who have failed this time, keep trying you will find your soulmate someday 😉 .

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