What do we first see in a body when we first notice it…? You might have heard it yourself what all girls and even guys crave for, die for and work hard to achieve. Yes a great abdomen or abs as we generally call it. Mostly people focus on running, cross-trainers and cycling to reduce their body fat along with other cardio exercises and aerobics. But they still are not able to achieve those six\eight pack or rather they are not even able to get rid of that stubborn tummy fat, which by the way is quite cute and soft but looks good only on little kids..! This is because they do not focus on tightening the abdomen fat. This can only be done by some effective abdomen exercises and especially crunches. Today I am taking up the most effective crunches to explain it to you the way to do them. And the best part is you can do this anywhere be it your home, gym or office. These exercises just need one thing called “will” and no equipment.



These crunches the basic ones of the lot, they are generally done by all of you when you start your exercise routines and I am sure you would have done them once if you have ever worked out on your abdomen. These are simple yet effective.


How to do?

  • Lie on your back on a mat or on the floor-as you like.
  • Bend your knees keeping them on the floor and lift your shoulders up but remember don’t lift the whole of your body till the back. That might lead to back problems.
  • Keep your hands on your neck. This is necessary for support else your neck might pain the next day!
  • When you go up hold that position for half a second then come back to rest position and repeat.
  • 20-25 repetitions per set. Start with 3 sets then gradually increase.


These are just the opposite of basic\ simple crunches. Here all the moment is done by the legs.

4bestcrunches-Reverse-Crunch-absHow to do?

  • Lie on your back on a mat or on the floor-as you like.
  • Here the movement will be of your legs. They fold while coming up and then they again stretch back when you come back to straight legs position. One thing is to be kept in mind is that while doing these crunches, when your legs are in straight position do no let your legs touch the ground as that will lead to rest of your body. Which is undesirable.
  • While lying back, your hands should be just below your butt and your palm should be on the floor.
  • When you come down feel your lower abdomen stretch.
  • 10-12 repetitions, Start with 3 sets.


These are one of the best abdomen exercises. One of my favorites. It gives you a great pump in the abs. a little difficult to start with but extremely effective. Suggested for intermediates.


  • Here lie on the mat, this time not straight but your legs are in the air folded
  • The technique is same as the classic abs crunches. Lift up your shoulders keeping your hands supporting your neck.
  • Make sure that your legs don’t come down
  • 10-15 repetitions per set. Start with 3 sets.


This is another beautifully effective exercise. This is a multi-effect exercise. It not only works on your lower abdomen but also on the upper abs.


How to do?

  • Lie on the floor, mat on your back.
  • Here the exercise is multi-faced. Firstly your legs need to do cycling and along with that you need to perform the classic abs crunches.
  • Touch your left knee with right elbow and vice versa. Repeat this in two and fro motion.
  • 10-15 repetitions per set. Start with 3 sets

Well this is an amazingly effective set of exercises. Personally I have reduced a whole lot of tummy fat just following these four exercises. Do try and let me know how effective did these turn out to be for you. Till then stay fit, eat healthy, sweat it out, keep exercising.

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