They make you swoon with their glamour, they stir serious envy with their picture perfect features, and they make you wish you were them. We are talking about none else than the flawless models we encounter everywhere everyday. But in our post today, we are interested in the people and the cameras that capture faces, garments, jewelry, and much more and make fashion both accessible and desired for the regular folk. Any industry thrives, when people desire, and want to consume, what the industry produces. That’s the story with fashion too. Fashion photographers are the people who create those impeccable photos we see on billboards and glossy pages. Having the right camera is the most important part of achieving this feat. So, if you are into fashion photography and wish to take it to a whole new level, consider the following points, before splurging on a camera!

Convenience and Accessibility 

There are certain rules of taking photographs. However, breaking some of these rules is absolutely necessary. One of them is that you cannot take good pictures, unless you have a DSLR camera. Not true! The phone cameras today are extremely powerful, and better than many shoot-and-point cameras available. If you are just starting off with fashion photography, you can start off with a compact digital camera, or your phone camera , and then gradually scale up to a DSLR, when you have honed your skills. This is especially true, if you are starting off with a fashion concept of your own, like a blog on fashion, or are in the initial stages of fashion photography. Your camera should aid you in taking great photographs, not be a hurdle or obstruction.

Digital compact cameras or phone cameras are convenient, accessible and do not require you to maneuver a lot of the paraphernalia that comes with the bigger cameras. Sure, you will ultimately have to handle the tripods and more, but, in the initial stages, make convenience and accessibility a priority.

Be Clear About the Different Effects You Want 

A big factor influencing your choice of camera are the aesthetics you want to create with your photos. Some fashion photographers like to have their backgrounds blurred while others often need to shoot in low-light conditions. A full frame camera is perfect for such purposes. It has a more shallow ‘depth of field’ and a large sensor, so it collects a lot of light and is perfect for low light photography. A full frame camera is also known to produce very high quality images.

Let’s Talk Megapixels 

Megapixels are important, but they are not the be all and end all of your fashion photography goals. If your fashion photography is going to be revolving a lot around details, it is recommended that you get a camera with more than 12 megapixels. Such images offer great clarity and are fit to be printed on billboards too. In fashion photography, the details and nuances are very important. You have to capture the lines, textures, and embellishments in a garment with precision, and for that reason alone, a camera with high megapixels is recommended.

Our Picks for the Best Fashion Cameras 

Fashion photography is hard work. Pick a camera that can stand up to the demands of your work. The mandatory Canon versus Nikon debate ranges on, but clearly these are the two manufacturers you should opt for, when buying cameras. The price levels are close and the features neck-to-neck. Here are a few we have loved.

  • Canon 5D Mark III

This one has been around for a while, and is easily one of the best for shooting fashion. It’s light and easy to handle. It is apt for picking sharp images with unique characteristics. So, if you want your model’s uncharacteristically rounded skirt to get focus or harp on an ox-blood pout in a sea of baby pink lips, this is your camera. The high ISO the camera offers allows multiple low light shooting possibilities. The high quality of the images it produces is perfect to capture photos on the runways and the streets.

  • Nikon D3X

If crisp and clear photos are what you seek, this will be your worthy companion. It is considered one of the best 35mm format DSLR. The images produced are again extremely high quality, and remain clear even when expanded. Some of the best art and fashion photographers are known to use this camera.

  • Nikon D7100 

This camera is one that is all about the details. It clearly picks and plays out intricate details of fashion. Lines and silhouettes shine through in the pictures produced by this camera. With the speed and capacity to pick six frames per second for up to 100 shots, capturing that perfect shot will become a lot easier with your Nikon D7100.

Before you opt to buy one of these, compare their prices on a reliable price comparison website like Idealo and then take the plunge.

A Few Quick Tips for Fashion Photography 

Lights, camera, action, these three may be the most important words and instruments in the life and dictionary of a photographer, but there are other tricks and tips of photography that you must know to draw that perfect picture. These can be especially helpful, if you are just starting off with fashion photography.

  • Communicate with your model, and get her/him to make eye contact and communicate with the camera.
  • Shoot beyond the studios. Capture your model and the garment in the streets, where everyone else is dressed normally. Let your model and the garment shine in its entire splendor. 
  • Finally, grab those random candid shots. They are priceless. Not posed and unexpected, capture those real moments because they will prove to be the most dynamic shots you will capture, elevating your photography skills to a different level.

To Conclude 

While these are some of the points you should keep in mind when choosing the right camera to complement your photography skills, do not rush to drop what you have and buy one of these. Opt for them when you are looking for an investment or upgrade. Polish and practice your skills adequately and soon, every photograph of yours will be a piece of art.

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