Well today we will take a look at some of the natural beauties of Bollywood who look just the same if not better without make up.

Deepika Padokune:

This Bangalore beauty who has been a national level badminton player never wore make up while playing the game and still looked just the same. Her cute dimple along with her lovely face does all the work that make up fails to do.


Sonam Kapoor:

She has blood of the dashing Anil Kapoor running in her veins, she is bound to look gorgeous. She looks fabulous without makeup.


Preity Zinta:

You must have seen her hopping around in the cricket stadium these days, cheering for her team. She hardly puts any makeup and still looks the same. She sometimes makes me wonder if she looks better with make up or without it. She looks beautiful all the time, god knows who will be the lucky guy she will marry.


Kangana Ranaut:

This Pataki kudi (that’s what you would call her after Queen) looks utterly gorgeous without makeup. Even in the movie Queen she was seen with minimal make up and even otherwise she is hardly seen with any heavy makeup. If you want to see natural himachali beauty she is the one.


Alia Bhatt:

This new entrance to Bollywood also makes it to our list. This actress hardly puts any make up and personally to me she looks better without makeup than with it. She has a great skin tone and even clearer skin which makes her look flawless, makeup or no makeup doesn’t matter.


Anushkha Sharma:

The Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi debutant is indeed a natural beauty and she has been gifted by god with beautiful looks. When you have such gift bestowed on you by god you hardly need anything else like make up to supplement it. That is the reason generally she is seen with negligible make up even in movies. Her skin remains clear, and gorgeous is the word for her looks.


Nargis Fakhri:

This actress might be new and still unmarked as far as her status in Bollywood is concerned. But she definitely makes it to our list of actresses with flawless looks without make up. Her red cheeks and hot lips make her look delicious with or without makeup. She is a beauty who doesn’t need many enhancements.


Kareena Kapoor:

Do you remember Jab We Met? Geet looks beautiful even while teaching the students in Shimla. Real beauty requires no makeup and Kareena more than proves my point. She has naturally been blessed with great looks which means she doesn’t have to bother about make up. She looks the hottest without makeup..! Now that’s a complement!


Katrina Kaif:

She is beautiful, all of us agree but what happens to her without makeup? I will tell you nothing happens. She has the perfect skin tone and a clean skin. With a personality like she has, she looks killer even without make up.


Aishwarya Rai:

More is less and less is more for her. If I want to put it in one word it would be “Natural beauty”. She doesn’t need anything. From the color of her eyes to all her features, she has the beauty which cannot be hidden. She has been seen in many movies without make up and believe me the more real the more beautiful she looks. She is someone who even with just a lip gloss can burn your heart standing. In my opinion she tops this list and no one can take this crown from her head until her daughter aaradhya turns 18.


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10 Bollywood Actresses Who Look Beautiful Without Make-Up

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