If you go around India, you will find many neem trees in and around many lanes and roads. Neem is a great herbal remedy for many problems. It has been closely linked with Ayurveda since ancient times. It has also been used to cure many diseases. Drinking neem juice though is a tough task as its taste is not great but it has been and is hugely beneficial for womankind. Thought its bitter taste is hard to bear but trust me you will have each bitter sip worth as it has innumerable benefits 10 of which we will discuss here today.



Neem juice has great benefits especially for pregnant women as it cures vaginal pain which is commonly seen in expecting women. It has anti-bacterial properties which cures various diseases like fever, malaria, cold, vaginal dryness etc. You can have the neem juice with a teaspoon of honey to reduce the bitterness as well as add the benefits of honey.


Well in this advanced IT age we have to continuously stare down that computer screen and keep checking those texts on our mobile phones. Neem can be a boon for us. You can just apply neem juice every night on you eyes before you go to sleep and see the magic. It also cures some problems like night blindness, and conjunctivitis which are found in India in huge numbers.


It has healing properties too…! You can apply it to the wound and it will make it shrink like water evaporates in the sun. It can also be applied to swollen wounds as it helps in healing that too..!


Have had pimples and there’s no way out..? Feeling trapped?? Neem even helps reduce pimples, it gives you clear skin. Well not just pimples but it is also a solution to the problem of acne, whiteheads, blackheads, etc.  It has anti-inflammatory properties and a soothing effect which helps cure almost all skin problems. It makes your skin glow. So I would say, start having it in your diet from today itself..!


Well if one thing can have these all benefits I don’t find many reasons of not having it in your diet. It makes you hair shine and betters their texture. Not just that but it also helps people suffering from hair fall by promoting hair growth.



Well having a glass of neem juice helps clear your stomach and aid in digestion. It solves all the common stomach problems of gas, acidity, diarrhea, constipation etc.


Neem is quite effective against insect bites and certain kinds of poison due to the anti-clotting agents that are present in neem.


Regular consumption of neem leaves the skin smooth and moisturized. To add to the glow that it gives.


Its contains polysaccharides and liomnoids which help in curing cancer and tumor cells, such are the benefits of neem that it even helps fight deadly diseases like cancer.


If you apply neem juice on your gums and teeth then it helps prevent various diseases, gum problems and even bad breath. Further it is a known fact that since ancient times “neem ki dantun” (that’s how we call the branch of a neem tree in India) has been largely used for brushing teeth which makes it clear that it has germ killing properties too…!

So folks I would say it is one of the greatest indigenous elements to cure various diseases and problems. Plus it has such great properties that it is worth that bitter taste once in the day (I am sure you will agree with me after reading the article). So do have it and share with us the results. Till then stay fit, stay beautiful…!

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