My Unending Love For Dresses: Part 2

Well after going to my friend’s wedding I was mesmerized by her wedding dress. The first thing that came to my mind what bridal wedding dress I would wear had I the opportunity. That’s when I thought of writing this post. Here in this one I will share with you my wish, the dress that I would like to be mine. The dress I would want to wear on my wedding day. Well as it is only possible if I marry in a Christian setting, I have been imagining how it should be. A Unique wedding dress that’s how I would want it to be, like not many have seen. I though like the classic Christian wedding look i.e. a long white dress and that’s how I would want my dress to be with a slight twist.


I would want my dream dress to be a little longer than the usual and not the usual draping of only cloth. There should be glam up factor in that too. Like some pattern or flowers made in the long length. I had this bridalup in my mind and guess what I found something almost the same on a website. I was so thrilled at seeing this one that I thought of telling you all and sharing it with you. A piece of beauty this one is.


It is long, great in volume and patterned like I wanted. I don’t know whether or not I will get an opportunity to buy this one, whether my wedding will be in this setting or not but the point is I just want it. This dress is forcing me to marry in a church or at least go to a place with my groom preferably outside of India and get married to him in this one at a church. God what all plans have I already made..! I am sure you will find this one as beautiful as I found this piece. Isn’t it just so adorable??


Won’t you want this wedding dresses for your wedding??? Do share with me what you felt about the dress. Till then cyaa byyee loveee:***

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