Smell Great Without Buying Expensive Fragrances

Smelling great doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Whether you enjoy perfume, or cologne, you can actually get your favorite scents for a fraction of the price. Here is a quick guide to finding great cheap perfume and cologne:   Use Your Nose: A lot of the brand name fragrances can inspire equally amazing, […]

Pick Your Favourite Accessory From Flipkart

Though you might be aware of all the fashion accessories and trends.Hopefully, you must be looking for something exclusive this time.The perfect cover up to make you look adorable can be the best accessory. You always dress up appropriately before you leave your homes but carrying a real jewellery that suits your dress can add […]

‘Chic-Issime’ Perfume Spray Review and Pictures

Hi beauties! How are you doing today? Well! This time I am going to share one of my favorite Natural sprays! It is a gifted one and that too by someone very special! Thus making is really special:)though this doesn’t affect my review 😉 lol.. Jokes apart! This perfume is one of my favorite perfumes for two reasons’ –first reason is its fragrance and […]