Outfit Of The Day (OOTD): How To Wear Whites In Winters??

Hey all beauty geeks!!! There is an unsaid rule that prohibits wearing whites in winters. Did I hear a rule?? Yup, so it needs to be broken. Right? 😉 Wearing white in winters is always tricky as you do not want to look all summery and out of place. Moreover, wearing whites with darker shades […]

Outfit Of The Day(OOTD): Skirt Over Pants

Hey all beauty geeks!!! Hubby and I planned a trip to New York for some work. Like everybody else, New York for me is a city of fashion and glamour. I could not visit New York without looking stylish 😉 So, taking inspiration from the city, I decided to follow a unique street fashion trend: […]

Outfit of the Day: How to Style Your Summer Dress for Winters

Hey all beauty geeks!!! How are you all lovely people?? I have reached US back and currently enjoying the chilly weather. Actually it’s too chilly. 🙁 Anyways, I hate when you are not able to wear half your wardrobe in winters because of severe cold here. I love dressing up and winters just take that […]