Benefits and Uses of Essential Oils

Oil is a very touchy topic for me. I have had oily skin for so long. It is only now that it is becoming more of a combination skin. However, still someone speaks about oily skin and facial oils, I get nostalgic. 🙂 I still remember those days when oils like coconut, almond, castor, etc. […]

5 Best Ways to Keep Summer Acne at Bay

Oh damn! with onset of summer, oily skinned people like me starts getting nightmare of acne and skin breakouts. My skin has already started showing some signs of painful acnes and that is making me extremely upset 🙁 . I surely need to find out some ways to keep these acne at bay. So today […]

Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser Review, Pictures & Swatches

Hello cuties! Hope you all are doing well. There are so many reviews pending for many products I have and I want to reduce the pressure a bit J, so I decided to do a review again. The product I am going to review today is “Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser.” I purchased a […]

New Launches: Lakme Skin Gloss Winter Intense Moisturizer in Bottle

  Hi girls! Just wanted to give you a quick update on a new product launched by Lakme in its winter care range-“Skin Gloss | winter intense moisturiser” I have just purchased it yesterday from a cosmetic store nearby and I am very excited too as this one looks promising. As I have just purchased […]

Joy Skin Fruits Fruit Moisturizing Massage Cream Review

  Hello friends! Today I am going to review “Joy Skin Fruits Fruit Moisturizing Massage Cream.” Most of the times I prefer to do clean ups and facials at home to save time and money. So I purchased this cream to fulfill that purpose only. Moreover regular face clean ups are very important to keep […]

Ayur Herbal Moisturizer Wheat Germ Based Moisturizing lotion Review, Pictures and Swatches

Hello Beauties!!    For the past few days due to changing weather I have found that my skin is getting dry so it became much necessary for me to keep my skin moisturized. I am not much of a beauty parlor person; I rarely go to a parlor for day to day care routine :p I believe in […]