Important Tips For Contouring and Highlighting

5 Easy ways to Contour and Highlight 1)  SEARCH THE LIGHT Pay close attention to where light hits your face, every face is different, but generally it’s the T-zone, under the eyes, forehead and chin area. You need to highlight your best features and that’s where you should do the highlighting. 2)  DEFINE YOUR FACE […]

Do Not Forget To Sanitize Your Vanity Case

  Girls! How often do you think to sanitize your Vanity case? It’s one of those things which we ignore many times; fact is that we don’t realize its importance. Sanitizing your vanity case and keeping it clean is extremely important to keep you away from getting infected from various bacteria’s and all. This time I am going to share some […]

Make-Up Guide: Everything Which You Need To Know About Face Foundation

    Choosing the right foundation for your self is a difficult task. So today I am planning to make that more simple and easy for you. As we all know foundation is used to cover up the skin flaws like blemishes dark spots etc. to give you a smooth base for makeup. Let me […]