I know how it feels when you exercise so hard and are not able to lose weight or get those abs that you have always been craving for. But for all of you who don’t know I will tell you that abs are made inside the kitchen and not in the gym. Well obviously one […]

How To Gain Weight The Right Way

Some people might find this thing of gaining weight as useless as already they are overweight. Generally all people everywhere search for ways to lose fat. It might seem exaggerating to them but gaining weight the correct way is the real challenge and equally difficult. I know all you people have tried a lot of […]

Easy And Simple Dieting Tips For Lazy Bones :)

Hello beauties! How are you doing?? Hope you all are doing great. Today I am in a mood to share some hassle free and easy tips which will help you shed kilos. These are some very simple tips for the most sluggish of dietersJ. So girls stay tuned as you cannot afford to miss theseJ. […]