Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Plus 400 Review & Pictures

There has been a time in each of our lives where we have wondered whether we have gained too much fat or whether that stubborn belly has started to show up. Not to mention the nightmares we have afterwards. Gym is what we look for in those troubling waters, but many a times even they […]

WOMEN’S HEALTH- Towards A Balanced Planning

Women’s health during all stages of growing up is essentially important and requires proper commitment to remain healthy at all times. Most basic measures that come in our minds are exercising well, maintaining a nutritious diet and controlling the extra weight while also cutting down on bad or adversely affecting habits. Ever so important alongside […]

Are You Treating Your Lungs Well?

Keeping your body clean from the inside is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Nowadays, many people regularly perform liver cleansing routines and colon cleansing. But, are you aware that there are measures you can take to keep your lungs clean too? It’s vital to have healthy and clean lungs as they are […]

Mental Illness And Social Media – Yes, There’s a Connection!

Do you remember the last time you spent an entire day away from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat? If your answer is a profound no, well, do not worry because many are rocking the same boat. Today, it is hard to spend a day without the use of social media, thanks to the vast opportunities […]


Most of us have faced this problem every now and then not knowing what to do with the problem. The little skin keeps popping out of the finger tips and when one tries to pull it out the unconventional way, we often see little drops of blood pouring out. And to our horror the skin […]


Are you camera shy just because you feel your face appears a little chubby or fat? Do you think that your face seems to appear inflated many a times? Then this post is just for you! Most of the times we mistake targeted exercises as the solution for face fat. Though there are many causes […]

How To Nourish Your Nails With The Most Minimal Effort??

We all want our nails to look manicured and polished to perfection, but less do we care about maintaining and nourishing them. More often than not, our nails break, split and crack leading to the undesired change in shape of the nails. So, here are some simple tips that will help you keep your nails […]

Does cosmetic surgery help with low self esteem?

Many studies have shown that physically attractive people are perceived more positively by others. They may be seen as more social, more dominant, healthier and more intelligent than others who are less attractive, and all that positive attention offers advantages not just professionally and personally. It can also offer a big boost to their self-esteem. […]

Are You Ready to Buy Health Insurance Online in India? Don’t Forget to Consider These Points

A big congratulation to you! After all, you are taking one step towards securing your wealth and health by thinking about buying a health insurance! However, do you know, what factors should you consider while buying a health insurance? While, it is easy and economical to buy health insurance online, there are certain things which […]

All You Need To Know About Proteins

Proteins are one of the most essential nutrients that our body needs for functioning and it is also one of the nutrients that our body remains deficient in. Did you ever think why are these substances named proteins so important for our being? Why are they so important that we just talk about these and […]


Well folks…Do you often take a cup of tea or coffee in the morning??? Is you answer a yes? And having it since quite sometime now..? Hmmm.. I know old habits die hard but trust me change this habit of taking tea or coffee in the morning, switch to lemon water in the morning. Not only does […]

Understand The Cost Involved In Doing A Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery has become a safe and popular option for patients who are in their end-stage of arthritis. Knee replacement helps one to lead a pain-free and an active life and is the best solution when all the other treatments have failed. However, the knee replacement surgery cost is expensive and many times the […]

Here Is What All You Need To Know About The 6 Types Of Body Fat

Obesity is a problem affecting many people around the globe, and so everywhere people are frantically looking for ways to cure it. While health experts have come up with various treatment options, the formulas do not work for all. You might be surprised not to lose a pound after a thinning plan yet your friend […]

Beautiful Bride with flowers

Be Healthy and Happy For Your Wedding Day

Being in good condition for your wedding means being healthy, rested, and well-focused. For months you are operating in a stressful world. You have so much to think about and your health seems to be pretty low on the list. But if you want to have that beautiful wedding day of your dreams, looking good […]


Eggs are one of the foods which I would classify as a super food. These are foods which have some really important and rare nutrients. It is a food which has so many qualities in such a small package. They are loaded with so many nutrients that they just have to be called super foods. […]

Foods That You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

This is one of the most important, blessed, lovely, beautiful and emotional time of a lady’s life. Having an unborn in your womb is a dream of every women and when that happens you have to be very careful with all the things you eat and put inside your system as it not just affects […]

5 Healthy Habits Of A Beautiful Woman

What is female beauty? A gift? – Maybe. Efforts? – Definitely. It is a daily work. And the older we get, the harder we should work for staying healthy, young and beautiful for many years. It is important to understand that every day you can get better – but you have to do something for […]