How To Go Bespoke With Your Engagement Ring?

Designing your own engagement ring can be so much fun and a truly unforgettable experience. Not only will you have something that no one else has purchased but you will have something that truly reflects your personality. You and your partner can reflect your own individual styles in the form of a ring you will […]

5 Reasons To Consider An Antique Ring

Antique engagement rings have soared in popularity, and for good reasons, too. If you want to impress your partner, an antique engagement ring may just be the right choice. Here are a few reasons to consider.   Antique Rings are Luxurious There is an array of reasons why these rings are luxurious, with one of […]

The Different Rings Available For Men Online

Fashion has historically been something that has been the main interest of females, however over time men all over the world have begun to take interest in fashion, and take more pride in their appearance. Obviously, fashions are constantly changing; some of them can even change overnight. One part of the fashion industry that has […]

Men, Upgrade Your Look with These Stylish, Sleek Boots

When the weather gets rough, your toes are not just dangerously exposed but also need protection from the chilly air. Mesh sneakers let the freezing air in, while canvas shoes soak in the wet weather, and a pair of slippers for men spells doom for your feet. Since prehistoric times, man has fought off cold […]

Get Yourself A Stylish Eye Wear This Summer From Titan Eye Plus

Eye wears have been a necessity since a long time, and with times advancing, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that they have become a handy accessory to enhance the look as well. There are a certain factors and checks you need to make sure to touch your buying guide while you are planning to […]

Rely On Online Jewellery Store For All Your Ornaments!

Kirtilals Jewellers is one of the famous jewellery shop that provides you with best and finest diamond and gold jewellery. The craftsman is famous for making a stand out ornaments that are awe inspiring and mesmerizing. Its manufacturing unit in Coimbatore ensures that every ornament is transformed into a masterpiece. The trained and experienced craftsman […]

Tips On How To Pick The Best Leather Wallet

Realistic considerations you need to take prior to purchasing a wallet Wallets have transcended from being just a means of storing our physical cash, to being a storage device for our credit cards, sim cards, business cards, photographs, and other such material. And while the wallet is still dramatically less filled than the typical purse […]

Must Have Accessories With Designer Salwar Suits

You always focus on your dress. Designer salwar suits, latest western wear, designer sarees, or may be some awe striking lehengas, they all are a part of your wardrobe but do you have a bunch of perfect accessories to call it a fashion statement. Not everyone focuses on that. But if you really like to […]

Glitter With Gold Earrings

India being a vast and distinguished country has a lot of variances in terms of likes and dislikes. People have their tastes and preferences for things and accordingly make their favorites among so many other amazing things! But something peculiar to be noted here is, that despite of having hundreds of diverse elements in life, […]


Summary: Below are some of the most hot and happening styles of footwear that are sassy, hot, classy so what’s your pick this season? It is enticing to stockpile your shoe wardrobe with all sorts of glazy glamorous footwear’s and seductive high heels, but as they say “all the glitters are not gold “, let’s […]

10 Beautiful “Bridal Bangle Sets” For Your Wedding

Can we really imagine an Indian wedding without those gorgeous red, green and golden bangles? We really cannot as red bangles are an inseparable part of a bridal attire in the Hindu tradition. With the arrival of wedding day we find ourselves engaged in lots of work that ranges from selecting the wedding venue to selecting […]

Fashion Accessories: Latest Trends

Hey you readers! Keeping good you all?! So let us get going with no further delay on what we love the mostfashion accessories. Its not just a mere topic to talk about, what I mean is that it consists of so many sorts that you can find your interest in almost anything and everything. And […]

Headgears: A Latest Fashion Trend of Bollywood

Headgears: A Latest Fashion Trend of Bollywood A big Hello to all the fashion freaks out there 😉 . Donning Headgears seems to be the latest Fashion Trend of Bollywood. Be it Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut or Sonakshi Sinha, they were all spotted flaunting this latest fashion trend of Bollywood. Deepika choose to […]

Sonam Kapoor In Jean Paul Gaultier- A Menswear Inspired Look

Hey gals! Sonam Kapoor recently attended the Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2014 where she flaunted a menswear inspired look. She looked just fabulous and carried the outfit pretty well. She donned a pinstripe Jean Paul Gaultier suit and completed the look with a Givenchy necklace from Viange, Chanel bag and Alexander McQueen pumps. Every time […]

Epaulettes-A Beautiful Shoulder Ornament

Hi lovely ladies J how are you doing today? I was scrolling the internet yesterday and found one very interesting ornament, which I have seen many times especially on celebrities shoulders but I never knew what was that? I used to call it some kind of “jewellery” or “some style statement” but I always wondered that […]

“Espadrilles”- Casual flat or high heeled shoes “Stylopedia “

  Espadrilles are high heeled or causal flat shoes that are made with weather resistant cotton fabric or canvas with a flexible rubber sole which provides a breathable component to the shoes. The main defining factor of such shoes is a jute sole, however, the upper style could be varied and come out with varying styles and colors. […]