Bollywood Actresses Who look Horrible Without Make-up

Well our Bollywood beauties are world famous for their looks and beauty. What if I told you not all of them are super-beautiful. Not all of them look the same in real life like they do on screen. What if I told you that it is the make-up layers on their skin which do the […]

10 Bollywood Actresses Who Look Beautiful Without Make-Up

Well today we will take a look at some of the natural beauties of Bollywood who look just the same if not better without make up. Deepika Padokune: This Bangalore beauty who has been a national level badminton player never wore make up while playing the game and still looked just the same. Her cute […]

Most Overrated And Lucky Actors\ Actresses Of Bollywood

Bollywood is the place of dreams and for your dreams to come true you just not only need talent but also some luck. There have been many actors who have been very talented but not good in looks and thus haven’t been able to make it big, while some actors have been good looking and […]

5 Worst Bollywood Debuts of Successful Actors/Actresses

Not everyone hits the bull’s eye on the first attempt and as life has it, even our careers are full of failures and successes. Some of the very successful actors have had their share of failures at first and then tasted success and some of these have gone on to become one of the most […]

Link-ups Between Cricketers And Bollywood Actresses

Since time immemorial cricket and Bollywood have had some sort of chemistry. The famous cricketers have had some sort of liking for the Bollywood beauties. There have been link ups, breakups, patch ups and marriages. Today we are here to look at some of the most famous affairs and what eventually happened to them. Sharmila […]

Hottest Female Bodies In Bollywood

Bollywood is the place for beauties but today we are not talking about them. We are talking about the hottest bodies in b-town. These ladies are not just beautiful but they know how to carry their bodies in front of the camera and they definitely do not shy away from showing some extra skin. These […]

Top 20 Bollywood Beauties Who Have Gone Under Knife And Plastic Surgery

It is always said that beauty is a god gift but it’s no longer a god gift, today beauty can be gained by going under knife with the help of surgeons and doctors. There are many Bollywood beauties who have gone under the knife to get beautiful and enhance their look and beauty, today I have come up with […]