Bollywood Actors Who Made It To Hollywood

Well Hollywood is the biggest, grandest and the most sought after film industry of the world. It has huge budgets, great concepts and in real sense fabulous film making. That is one of the reasons why we look up to Hollywood as the place where if any of our stars make it, we feel proud […]

Most Overrated And Lucky Actors\ Actresses Of Bollywood

Bollywood is the place of dreams and for your dreams to come true you just not only need talent but also some luck. There have been many actors who have been very talented but not good in looks and thus haven’t been able to make it big, while some actors have been good looking and […]

5 Worst Bollywood Debuts of Successful Actors/Actresses

Not everyone hits the bull’s eye on the first attempt and as life has it, even our careers are full of failures and successes. Some of the very successful actors have had their share of failures at first and then tasted success and some of these have gone on to become one of the most […]