Hair are one of the most important parts of our body and we all want them to grow faster and thicker. But rarely do we see good hair growth. Irrespective of the reason behind it we opt for the same treatments. As a medicine for headache doesn’t solve the purpose in itching, knowing the reason […]

Effective Methods to Remove BLACK AND WHITE heads

We all are aware of the trouble and embarrassment which we face simply because of these so annoying black and white headsL. These are really troublesome and annoying. There are many solutions available in market for these problems. Moreover, there are few homemade remedies too which can really help us to remove these ugly looking […]

5 Fruity Hair Packs for beautiful Hair

  Hey Beauties! here is the list of five hair packs which will make your hair even more beautiful: 1)   Orange Pack: Do you have greasy and sticky hair? And having a hard time because of humid weather? Then, you must go for Orange hair pack. Making this pack is pretty simple- take one cup orange juice and mix […]