Hottest Hunks Of The Small Screen (Television)

Now a days it is not just the big Bollywood stars who have a big fan base and some female fan following. The small screen actors have made their way into the hearts of women. Today we will bring you the hottest hunks of television who have made headlines. These stars with their attitude and […]

Real Life Devdasses Of Bollywood- The Heart Broken Actors

Well in this world of glitz and glamor there blossoms love. It grows and gets converted into some beautiful relationships. But not all relationships see a happy ending. There have been some of the most unwanted, unexpected and difficult breakups that our Bollywood celebs have faced. These separations had taken a toll on them and […]

7 Bollywood Debutants Who Nailed It With Their Debuts

When we talk about the tinsel town, the place of dreams the Indian film industry. Making the cut to the film industry is in itself is a dream which many people are not able to live but what is perfect is making it big on the debut itself which hardly any celebrity is able to […]