SNOOD” It In Style-A Circular Scarf For Winters


Winters are approaching and with the knock of winter we start thinking about how to stay alive with fashion as well as keeping ourselves warm, as sometimes trying to style hard in winters may make illness our best friend, be it cold, cough or fever. So how to cover our body up and as well as make a style statement? confused and worried?? no need to be 🙂 today i have selected a fashion style that with keep alive your fashion sense as well as keep you warm. This style is pretty much in these days and many celebs can be spotted wearing this, i am taking about “A SNOOD”. Lets get a quick intro of this style.


The snood is a circular scarf that can be used as a hoodie to cover your head as well as neck. Originally, this snood was a type of lace or a crocheted European female headgear.


A snood is said to be an epitome of hipster chic and versatility and it’s a must have in your wardrobe if you want to stay warm in style this winter. You can either drape it on your head to cover your ears or can otherwise style it as a multi -layered scarf.

Wear a top-knot hairstyle because it works best with the Snood. You can team it up with a pair of knee length boots and skinny jeans to flaunt the effortless Parisienne style look and a cropped jacket. It’s better not to wear chunky jewelry, earrings, ear cuffs or chunky necklaces if you want to wear a snood as a head wrap.

Jessica Alba wearing Snood

A messy low bun or a simple pony tail looks best with a snood head drape.

So girls, have you ever tried the “Snood”? I would love to hear your experiments and experience with this circular scarf 🙂

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