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How many times have you noticed an exceptionally designed dress and wished for the same dress to be worn by you? Or there must have been times where you knew what you wanted in terms of size, color, cut, length etc. but couldnt get a hold on the same in the market? Each of us often go through this and end up buying something that only has half of our heart, but with an amazing online website all such dilemma will be vanished and all our fashion wants will be answered to in a customized way, the way we want!

When you desire for something that you think would cost you your entire pocket, Lurap gets you the elaborated range of customized clothing made according to your choices in a reasonable budget. The days when the customization was only possible for the rich and affluent people have gone and now everyone gets to wear what they want.


Lurap is an online website for womens fashion apparel offering an extensive range of fashion garments in Regular, Petite and Plus Sizes for women in all major places like India, UK, US and Canada. They feel that custom-made clothing empowers the users by giving them choice to select and buy best fitting clothes to enrich their wardrobe. Their main goal is to provide customers everything fit and unique. Through them you can order your outfit online and get it delivered anywhere across the globe!

They also offer Custom Sizing up to 7XL in India and up to 36W internationally (US, UK,Canada) along with Custom Styling (Like altering the length/sleeves/Neck Line etc. of the garment). Moreover they also offer women to send photographs of any dresses they like be it on someone else like celebrities, friends etc. or at any shop, Lurap will surely get the same dress made and customized for you.



  • First they need you to pick your favorite design from their assortment of tops, bottoms, skirts etc.
  • Whether or not you want any customization, measure yourself properly and let them know the right size so that they deliver you the best fit!
  • Then, if you need any alteration in the dress in terms of length, size, sleeves, neckline etc. to suit your style they are right there for you. They customize designs for sizes 0-36W.
  • They immediately start working for your desired outfit and hand craft it in an exquisite way. The order is delivered at your doorstep in 12-15 business days.
  • For more clues, you can always check what the customers say about their experience of shopping from Lurap.
  • Also, if you want something out of their collection, something that you saw at a wedding or some event just click a picture and share it with them. Further process of mailing you custom price will be done.

They even have dedicated customer service section where you can contact them, request for a call back, and give in your opinions and complaints.

Now you know where to head to if you start fancying a dress that you spotted somewhere and in no time your dress will be in the process of getting hand made with love. From all kinds of dresses and skirts to types of tops and bottoms all your fashion queries will end at Lurap!

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