Hello Girlzzz! How’s your day going on? Hope you all are having a blast and a wonderful day 🙂. This time I am back with a review of one more product and this product is from “Joy”. Actually I have got this from a nearby cosmetics store, though I went there to purchase some other beauty products but as I found this Joy Fruits Ultra Gentle Scrub Cleanser for INR 20, so I got thrilled that why not try this product and put the review of this one on beautyandfashionfreaks? So with this thought this Joy Fruits Ultra Gentle Scrub Cleanser found its way to my bedroom 😉 Here comes the review for the same…


Product Name: Joy Fruits Ultra Gentle Scrub Cleanser
Price: Rs 20 for 20 ml.
Product Claims: New skin fruits gentle moisturizing fruit scrub gently removes complexion- dulling impurities, leaving fresh healthy looking brighter skin. It Helps the skin retains its elasticity, clarity and suppleness. Regular skin exfoliation over time can increase the skin’s capability to absorb moisture, thereby reducing fine lines and diminishing acne.
Ingredients: Apricot shell powder, Green Tea Extract, fruits extracts (Nothing else is mentioned)
Application instructions: Message gently with wet finger tips over moistened face, neck and body. Rinse well. Use regularly for soft, smooth, nourished and blemish- free skin.

My Experience with Joy Fruits Ultra Gentle Scrub Cleanser:

Well! You all know that exfoliation is one of the most important things for a good beauty regime as exfoliation removes dead skin, removes blackheads and make your skin glow and to feel smoother and softer. Now coming to this product, this one comes in a small bright orange color plastic packaging with a screw cap.


This one is very less in quantity i.e 20 ml which makes it very travel friendly and easy to use. The opening is small which makes sure that only a considerate amount of scrub comes out whenever you squeeze the tube. As far as the scrub is concerned this one is a thick creamy kind which resembles similar scrub products that are available in the market. Its fragrance is mild so any one who is allergic to high and strong fragrance may find it good. The color is the scrub is peachy in color with lots of granules so I think this scrub might not be very perfect for sensitive skin and should be avoided during break outs. As far as the quantity of this product is concerned then I would say that this small 20 ml tube will lasts for 6-7 times which is good as compared to its price. This product seems fine for all skin types.  Till now I have used this product 3-4 times and my skin has not developed any kind of skin allergy or break outs.


Pros of Joy Fruits Ultra Gentle Scrub Cleanser:

  • It is easily available.
  • It is Inexpensive.
  • Didn’t break out.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • The scrub suits all skin types.
  • Gives smooth and soft skin.
  • Claims to be pure herbal


Cons of Joy Fruits Ultra Gentle Scrub Cleanser:

  • The granules are a bit harsh to be
    used on the face.
  • May not suit sensitive skin.
  • The company have not listed full ingredients.


My Take on Joy Fruits Ultra Gentle Scrub CleanserIt does not have much different to offer, there are many better products available in the market.

Will I repurchase the product? 

I am not sure. I mean, it did not impress me. As I already said that there are far better products available in market, I may try some other beauty scrubs available in the market and may skip this one.
My Rating: 3.2/5


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