Five Quick Tips for wearing High Heels



Girls!! Today I have come with a very short and quick post related to problems and issues with wearing high heels. Well! there are many issues related to wearing high heels. If you are you addicted to wearing high heels, then you should keep the following basic points in mind:


1)    Don’t wear those heels that are too tight as they are only going to cause pain and blisters.
2)     If you are wearing heels for more than three hours or so then stretch your calves. It will help to keep your feet from cramming.

3)    It’s important to keep your body straight while wearing heels. Keep your balance by keeping your two legs together. Try to walk on a smooth surface while wearing heels, especially for the first time.


4)     You should avoid wearing high heels footwear while dancing if you are a new to wearing high heels.
5)    Foot size keeps on changing with age so need not to worry if your foot size keep on changing. I hope you guys liked these quick and short tips for wearing high heels J


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