VOTRE Exfoliance Skin Polishing Scrub Review, Pictures and Swatches

Today I am going to review “VOTRE Exfoliance Skin Polishing Scrub” for you all. I was introduced to this brand through Fab-bag when they sent VOTRE toner. I really like the toner as it suited my oily skin and fulfilled the claims to a great extent. So, I thought of exploring this brand and wanted […]

Benefits and Uses of Essential Oils

Oil is a very touchy topic for me. I have had oily skin for so long. It is only now that it is becoming more of a combination skin. However, still someone speaks about oily skin and facial oils, I get nostalgic. 🙂 I still remember those days when oils like coconut, almond, castor, etc. […]

Lessons to be learnt from Korean Skincare

Hey all beauty geeks!!! How are you all? The summers have finally started here and now it is our turn to say ‘haye garmi’. 😉 I never liked summers because of the havoc it played with my combination skin. However, living in harsh colds for almost 8 months in a year has taught me to […]

Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack Review, Pictures and Swatches

Summers are here and the hot sun makes my skin tan very very easily. I was looking for a nice fairness face wash and face pack since long time. I don’t believe in fairness products but I use them to remove my tan as I think the products which claim fairness are very good in […]

What’s in Your Bag This Summer? Must Haves

With the onset of summer, much like wardrobes, the items in a lady’s handbag need to revamped. So, I am here with a “must haves list in your bag” to beat the heat this summer: Sunscreen: Without a doubt, Sunscreen is the most important item in your summer bag, most importantly when you don’t plan […]

Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Face wash for Skin Lightening Review, Pictures & Swatches

I love everything that contains lemon in it and you will see many face washes, shower gels and face packs in my house which have lemon as main ingredient. I love the aroma of lemon and that is why I keep purchasing stuff which contains lemon in it. I also love lemon-pickle (yum!!!). So, when […]

Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW Skin Whitening & Brightening Night Creme Review, Pictures & Swatches

Hello friends! The product under scanner today is “Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW Skin Whitening & Brightening Night Creme.” Even though I do not prefer using any skin whitening product but I still purchased this one because I like lotus products a lot:-). So let us move on to see how this crème worked for me. What does the […]

Top Ten Skin Creams Available In India

Hi all! This question always comes in our mind that which skin cream is best for our skin tone and which one we should purchase? The answer to this question becomes more difficult as with each passing day many new products and brands are hitting the market with sky high claims, these claims do nothing […]

Useful Home Remedies To Get Glowing Skin In Winters

Hey gals! I am going to share some very important kitchen shelf beauty remedies with you to tackle dryness of skin, chapped lips and to retain your skin’s glow this winter. These remedies can save your visit to parlour as these can be easily done at home with things readily available in your kitchen.   Aloe Vera Face Pack: […]

What is The BEST SKIN CARE BRAND According To You?

by JYOTI on 10 JAN 2014                                                             Beauty Queries! As far as I am concerned I find Olay, Neutrogena and Lotus Herbals the best among rest, their entire range is specially designed for toning and moisturizing your skin. What are your picks and whyJ?

Daily Skin Care Regime!

                        What’s Your Skin Care Regime?   My Answer is: ‘Apart from usual cleansing, toning and moisturizing, I always drink a lot of water and eat lots of green vegetables, fruits.  I try to get the much needed beauty sleep of 8 hours and never forget […]

10 Best Face Washes For Oily Skin

As we all know that oily skin gets us into trouble many times such as pimples, breakouts and blackheads due to excess production of oil secreting glands. Cause for acne breakout is excess production of sebum. This is highly incident during puberty. Other reasons for breakouts are oily food, high stress level, genes and neglecting […]

Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Body Wash Review, Pictures and Swatches

  For a long time I have been searching for some soothing and good fragrant body wash and see what I have found?This product is from Palmolive..and its name is J  “Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal body wash J. This product got my attention when I was hunting for a good body wash in a nearby shopping complex; I saw […]

Wonder Herbs that are used for Beauty Treatments and How to Mix them for Wonder Results!!

\ For many ages, women have been using various herbs to take care of their beauty aid requirements. And if you take notice then you will surely find out that herbal and natural products have been of primary and immense importance for almost all the cosmetic companies. Few years ago the beauty business started to […]

Honey-“Acne Treatment For Your Skin”

As we all know that acne is a very annoying and embarrassing. Whenever I have a breakout, I feel so embarrassed and wish the acne to disappear as soon as possible. We all try to find out various solutions to tackle this problem. One of the best remedy to deal with acne is honey, I mean that there is some […]