What is The BEST SKIN CARE BRAND According To You?

by JYOTI on 10 JAN 2014                                                             Beauty Queries! As far as I am concerned I find Olay, Neutrogena and Lotus Herbals the best among rest, their entire range is specially designed for toning and moisturizing your skin. What are your picks and whyJ?

Daily Skin Care Regime!

                        What’s Your Skin Care Regime?   My Answer is: ‘Apart from usual cleansing, toning and moisturizing, I always drink a lot of water and eat lots of green vegetables, fruits.  I try to get the much needed beauty sleep of 8 hours and never forget […]

What is the Most Worthy Beauty Product You Have Ever Purchased?

                        Your Top Beauty Picks   There are many beauty products which make you extremely happy after a purchase and  you find the decision to purchase that product was one of the best you have ever made in connection to cosmetics! I have got this […]

What is your all time favourite casual day dress?

  If I have to answer this question then I would say “Blue Jeans and a White T/top/shirt” Most definitely! This combination is my all time favorite and this looks so chic along with making you feel really relaxed without any clothing trouble.  And especially when you are suppose to go out in a day casually then the […]

Girls! have you ever regretted after a makeup purchase?

My answer is Yesss! I have regretted many times. Sometimes I thought to try a new promising launch or sometimes I thought to purchase a new and different product just to review in the blog and got disappointed a lot of times. Then I felt that I should be more selective and should not purchase […]