Outfit Of The Day (OOTD): How To Wear Whites In Winters??

Hey all beauty geeks!!! There is an unsaid rule that prohibits wearing whites in winters. Did I hear a rule?? Yup, so it needs to be broken. Right? 😉 Wearing white in winters is always tricky as you do not want to look all summery and out of place. Moreover, wearing whites with darker shades […]

Outfit Of The Day(OOTD): Skirt Over Pants

Hey all beauty geeks!!! Hubby and I planned a trip to New York for some work. Like everybody else, New York for me is a city of fashion and glamour. I could not visit New York without looking stylish 😉 So, taking inspiration from the city, I decided to follow a unique street fashion trend: […]

Outfit of the Day: How to Style Your Summer Dress for Winters

Hey all beauty geeks!!! How are you all lovely people?? I have reached US back and currently enjoying the chilly weather. Actually it’s too chilly. 🙁 Anyways, I hate when you are not able to wear half your wardrobe in winters because of severe cold here. I love dressing up and winters just take that […]

Outfit Of The Day: How To Style Pink Shorts

Hey all lovely people!!! This is my first outfit post at this Indian beauty and fashion blog. Hope you guys like my attempt at outfit posts 🙂 Last month, we went for a vacation to Florida. And going to Florida, how could we miss Kennedy Space Centre aka NASA!!! Yup, the same NASA as in […]