Hottest Hunks Of The Small Screen (Television)

Now a days it is not just the big Bollywood stars who have a big fan base and some female fan following. The small screen actors have made their way into the hearts of women. Today we will bring you the hottest hunks of television who have made headlines. These stars with their attitude and […]

My Personal Code Of Conduct For This New Year 2015

Whenever we talk about any code of conduct there are some concepts which should be cleared in the first place. The two basic concepts which relate to code of conduct are: Ethics Morals We generally mistake the two as being different from one another but there is a slight difference between the two, I shall […]


Well thanks to everything that is happening in town it’s not as rare a sight such as a UFO to see a women drinking in pubs, bars or at parties. But one thing has been for sure that the girls who are seen drinking here and there are seen as or are stereotyped as something […]


Recently I was introduced to a very distinct and innovative piece of online matter. I had been searching for a website which offers me everything that I want at one place and this website just turned out to be the one. This website has been recently launched and is a virtual salon for people who […]

Daily Skin Care Regime!

                        What’s Your Skin Care Regime?   My Answer is: ‘Apart from usual cleansing, toning and moisturizing, I always drink a lot of water and eat lots of green vegetables, fruits.  I try to get the much needed beauty sleep of 8 hours and never forget […]

What is the Most Worthy Beauty Product You Have Ever Purchased?

                        Your Top Beauty Picks   There are many beauty products which make you extremely happy after a purchase and  you find the decision to purchase that product was one of the best you have ever made in connection to cosmetics! I have got this […]


  Wishing all of you “Merry Christmas” with lots and lots of love! The year 2013 has almost past and with so many candles and sweets around, my heart sings Merry Christmas, wishing to meet and greet Happy Christmas. Tonight I am waiting for Santa to come to my home and give you a lot of […]

What is your all time favourite casual day dress?

  If I have to answer this question then I would say “Blue Jeans and a White T/top/shirt” Most definitely! This combination is my all time favorite and this looks so chic along with making you feel really relaxed without any clothing trouble.  And especially when you are suppose to go out in a day casually then the […]

Style Guide- Dress To Look Tall And Lean!!

Hi girls! Yesterday I met one of my very old childhood friend, she doesn’t have a good height and is plump as well, so she kept on complaining about her height and physique for the whole time we were together. She wanted some tips from me on how to look tall and slim. Who doesn’t […]