Girls! have you ever regretted after a makeup purchase?

My answer is Yesss! I have regretted many times. Sometimes I thought to try a new promising launch or sometimes I thought to purchase a new and different product just to review in the blog and got disappointed a lot of times. Then I felt that I should be more selective and should not purchase […]

New Launch: Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Collection for Holiday 2013

Wow! That is the word which came to my mind when I saw this new collection from Bobbi Brown. I am completely in love with the whole range which includes Eye Palette, Ink Linker, Lip Gloss, High Shimmer Lip Gloss, Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick and Glitter Nail Polish. I am sure you all are going […]

Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup

  I am very excited to share this post with all of you :). Let me start by asking a question first that-“How many times you have wondered that how come these Bollywood Beauties look so beautiful and ravishing?” While watching these goddesses of beauty we always wish to look pretty and gorgeous like them […]

Make-Up Guide: Everything Which You Need To Know About Face Foundation

    Choosing the right foundation for your self is a difficult task. So today I am planning to make that more simple and easy for you. As we all know foundation is used to cover up the skin flaws like blemishes dark spots etc. to give you a smooth base for makeup. Let me […]

Inglot Fusion Blush & Illuminator and HD Illuminizing Loose Powder Launched

HD Illuminizing Loose Powder Hi everyone! As I already said that this season new launches are raining heavily, so I am back with yet another update on new Launch by Inglot. This time Inglot has launched Fusion Blush and Illuminator and HD llluminizing loose powder. Both these products are looking quite appealing and I believe they […]

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Color Collection Launched!

During this winter season, new launches seem to be raining, raining and raining everywhere in almost every brand and Yves Saint Laurent is no exception! 🙂 Girls, This Christmas season get ready to indulge in kaleidoscope of color, as Yves Saint Laurent aka YSL is launching lovable couture collection of highly elegant, pretty and indulgent color […]

Go For Chic Blue Eye Makeup

“BLUE” is one of my favorite colors and makeup is my passion <3 I believe the combination of these two is unbeatable! I am sure that most of you surely like blue especially when it comes to eye makeup. Eye makeup with blue shade, be it an eye shadow (sheer or matte) or an eye liner, looks really […]

Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Launch

Hi Girls! I was browsing the web yesterday and I just come to know that the Urban Decay has launched Naked3 Palette; it looked so tempting that I couldn’t resist myself sharing this new launch with all of you. This one is featuring almost 12 completely New rose-hued neutrals. I have been waiting for Naked […]

This Winter Go For Hot Metallic Makeup

Hello all you beautiful girls out there! As we all know winters are approaching so this winter season glam up your night with metallic make-up.     Classic Metal Hues: You can try metal hues like silver, shimmer full tan, deep bottle green, earthy bronze and shades of gold. It is better to apply a […]

How to Apply Lipstick for beautiful and Luscious Lips

  This is one of the most important questions which keeps coming in our mind that how to apply lipstick so that our lips looks great and beautiful. As we all know that our lips get drier and thinner with the increase in age, especially the upper lip. It’s very important to exfoliate once in […]

7 Steps For Perfect Mascara Application

Girls, your mascara can make or break your beautiful makeup look so it’s very important to apply it correctly and wisely. If you use it too little then it looks as if you are not wearing a mascara at all or if you use it in excess you may resemble a like a panda or some other scary creature […]

Lotus Pink Blush Lipstick Review, Pictures and Swatches

Product Name: Pink Blush Lipstick, Code: 614, Net Weight: 4.2 g MRP – INR 245  Pink Blush Lipstick: Pink Blush Lipstick is a warm pink color along with mauve undertones. It looks very bright and a bit dark in the tube but when applied it comes out to be a medium toned lipstick. This lip shade has no shimmer and its finish […]

Bollywood Diva’s Smoky Eye Makeup Looks

Hello all beautiful girls! You know what that I have always loved Smoky eye makeup. Its looks so stylish and chic.  Whenever you have to go out to a big concert, night party or fancy gala to attend then creating smoky and experimenting with new trends can add a bit of some sophisticated drama to your personality and look. Today […]

Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick Review, Pictures and Swatches- Pink Champagne

Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick Review, Pictures and Swatches- Pink Champagne

I am very budget conscious when it comes to cosmetics as I have to purchase all my makeup stuff with a pre defined budget for cosmetics. So today I have come up with a budget lipstick for you from street wear. I am so excited to share a new lip shade with you. 🙂 I […]

How to Re-Use Your Beauty Bargains

Hi girlis! Hope you are enjoying the day to the fullest. Today i was going out to my friends b’day party and when i pull out my makeup kit, i found that one of my favorite lipstick got expired and even my eye shadow kit was broken. Oh no, what a waste! i should have used my favorite lipstick much often but my love for that was so intense that i used to ignore its application many times so that it would run for long time but i got my self fooled when i did not worry about getting it expired :'( and moreover what about my broken eye shadow? I was really sad and wanted to cancel the party. But then i thought that these expired and broken products may be used for some other purpose. However i did not cancel the party, went and enjoy. Actually nothing can be better than enjoy with friends on a birthday party and getting free dinner ;). After coming back home I sat on my lappy, surfed the net and found out few ways that would help us girls to re-use our beauty products. So today i have come up with this post which will help you to find out that how to re-use your beauty bargains. I hope this could be of immense help to you 🙂
Lipsticks: When you got to the bottom of the lipstick, scoop out what is left with the help of knife. You need to heat and melt it in a large spoon. Thereafter pour it in a container and refrigerate it and Re- Use 🙂 Moreover, you can use the expired ones as markers or paint in craft projects. Better to use eco-friendly brands that accept their old lipsticks to recyle.

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Oily Skin

Myths about Cosmetics and Skin Care products

Hey Girls!  I am back with some more myths about the cosmetics and beauty products you use. It’s a general claim that using makeup everyday can cause acne, pigmentation, wrinkles and other skin problems. But that is not the case anymore as the makeup products used now a days are completely harmless. If you use a quality product within its expiry date, it will not cause any harm to your skin. One thing is to be kept in mind that you should not apply multiple layers of makeup with multiple touch ups on already present layer of makeup. This can cause acne.

8 Important tips for Natural looking make-up

For natural looking make-up it is very important to apply it the right way. If over done can give horrible results. It is very easy to achieve such a look by following some easy tips. So following are the tips which can make you look beautiful and stunning:

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REVLON Colorstay Active-Light Makeup SPF 25 Review, Pictures & Swatches

Hello everyone!! Hope to find you all in best of spirits :-). First of all many thanks for stopping by and many congratulations for being a part of this beautiful blog Well!~!This is my second post &  first review of a Beauty product in this blog. Hoping that each reader of this blog would like this post . I kept on thinking the whole day that which product I should choose to write about for the first time. Should I write about a lip shade or eye shadow or what? But then I realized that the first review of the blog is the foundation of this blog, 😉 so I chose to write about REVLON Colorstay Active-Light Makeup SPF 25.

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