My Unending Love For Dresses: Part 2

Well after going to my friend’s wedding I was mesmerized by her wedding dress. The first thing that came to my mind what bridal wedding dress I would wear had I the opportunity. That’s when I thought of writing this post. Here in this one I will share with you my wish, the dress that […]

Boots Lust-list For This Winter

Hey all beauty and fashion lovers! Check out our Boots Lust-list For winter. Hope you like 🙂 

Beautiful Evening Dresses: Lust List

As soon as the sun sets, the wardrobes open for a great evening. But the point is do you have the kind of evening dress that you look perfect in?? Will your man go mad after seeing you in the piece you currently possess? If yes then well and good but if you dont have […]

Most Desirable Gifts That You Would Want From Your Hubby

Well ladies, todays topic is as much close to my heart as it will be to yours. This is just the thing that we always dream about and want a perfect surprise from your loved ones at the right time be it the perfect wedding night gift or the perfect proposal ring. Some moments just […]

25 Beautiful Mehndi Designs Which You Will Love For Sure…

  It’s hard to find any girl who does not love applying and experimenting with heena/mehndi on her hands! I know your answer is yesss most definitely 😉  This Mehndi is an integral part of Indian culture which is used to beautifully decorate the hands and feet especially during weddings, other festivals and celebrations. There […]