Herbalife Skin 7 Days Result Kit Review

Hi all fashion, beauty and makeup lovers! Hope all of you are having great time. 🙂 Well for some time I wanted to review Herbalife Skin care products, though me and Rashmi, we both were invited for the launch event of the Herbal Life Skin care products but due to prior engagements we were not […]

Beauty, Health and Skin Benefits Of Tulsi

Tulsi’s scientific name is Ocimum Tenuifloram and in English it is called Basil. Tulsi has been of great importance in Indian culture. Indians have a history of using tulsi for more than five thousand years. It has been present since time immemorial. It not only is sacred in Hindu culture but has many medicinal properties […]

6 Ways to Ban Tanning This Summer | Home Made Recipes

Hi all, summer is at its full swing and the worst thing about summer season is tanning of skin. Isn’t it? 🙁 The harsh rays of sun make our skin darker and lead to premature wrinkles. In case you have sensitive skin then you may also get affected by pigmentation. So this becomes very important […]

Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW Skin Whitening & Brightening Night Creme Review, Pictures & Swatches

Hello friends! The product under scanner today is “Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW Skin Whitening & Brightening Night Creme.” Even though I do not prefer using any skin whitening product but I still purchased this one because I like lotus products a lot:-). So let us move on to see how this crème worked for me. What does the […]

Lotus Make-Up Introduces Ecostay: A Premium Range Of Long Lasting Lip Care Products

  Lotus Make-Up has recently introduced India’s 1st preservative free and 100% vegetarian long stay make-up range. Ecostay presents its natural and nourishing Lip Care products from Lotus that stay long. Its hydrating lip colors and high-shine lip glosses lock in the moisture, giving you kissable, luscious lips. One swipe and your lips are ready […]

Hot Tips To Tackle Dandruff This Winter

  I hate dandruff!  I am sure everyone does. In fact I suffer from this dandruff problem especially in winters which develops into itching and even hair fall, due to which I had to consult my family doctor many times… Isn’t it really irritating and leads to low self esteem when someone approaches and reminds […]

Herbal Ways to Lighten The Complexion

Whenever we see Tv Commercials or some beauty contests or say any matrimony advertisement, we always see this word “FAIR”. For the time immemorial fairness is associated with beauty and dark complexion is not considered as much attractive as a fair skin tone but I don’t find this true. The trend is changing now, many […]

Wonder Herbs that are used for Beauty Treatments and How to Mix them for Wonder Results!!

\ For many ages, women have been using various herbs to take care of their beauty aid requirements. And if you take notice then you will surely find out that herbal and natural products have been of primary and immense importance for almost all the cosmetic companies. Few years ago the beauty business started to […]