Beauty, Health and Skin Benefits Of Tulsi

Tulsi’s scientific name is Ocimum Tenuifloram and in English it is called Basil. Tulsi has been of great importance in Indian culture. Indians have a history of using tulsi for more than five thousand years. It has been present since time immemorial. It not only is sacred in Hindu culture but has many medicinal properties […]


This is a beautiful fruit which was originally found in Central America. It is a fruit with sweet taste and soft buttery texture. It is available throughout the year. It is somewhat pear shaped and about 8 inches long. It is orange in color with a tinge of yellowish shade to the inner part. It […]


It all comes down to our human growth hormones, yes they are the ones responsible for increasing height which are secreted by the pituitary gland. Generally the phenomenon of increasing height is seen in girls up till the age of 18 and in boys up till the age of 22-24. It is generally seen that […]


Well let’s begin on a positive note for all you people having oily skin. Well people having oily skin have lesser probability of having wrinkles and signs of ageing because the oil gets locked in the outer layer of skin which prevents signs of ageing (You can gather more information about anti-aging products and their […]

How To Gain Weight The Right Way

Some people might find this thing of gaining weight as useless as already they are overweight. Generally all people everywhere search for ways to lose fat. It might seem exaggerating to them but gaining weight the correct way is the real challenge and equally difficult. I know all you people have tried a lot of […]


Well hands are the objects we use for everything that we do. From picking up a glass of water to tying up shoe laces. If they are itchy or have rashes on them it can be so very irritating. The rashes on your hands bother you each and every second as there is hardly anything […]

Best Ways To Lose Fat In Winters

Winters are a beautiful thing with no sweat, lower electricity bills, the sun seems to be pleasant. But if you are a fitness freak, well! then winters have its share of problems too. If you are a gym maniac then you will know this is the season of gaining weight, yeah people gain weight this […]

How To Select The Prefect Eye Brow Shape According To Your Face Type!

Hey girls, have you always wondered what kind of eye brow shape suits your face? Have you made a blunder once or twice with the wrong eye brow shapes? Is the answer to these questions a yes?? Well in such a case you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss today about […]


If you go around India, you will find many neem trees in and around many lanes and roads. Neem is a great herbal remedy for many problems. It has been closely linked with Ayurveda since ancient times. It has also been used to cure many diseases. Drinking neem juice though is a tough task as […]


Are you still 25 and can see those dark circles on your face? Or just into your 30’s and those wrinkles would just not go. People, you must have tried all, and I mean “all” the beauty products in the market, all the creams and everything on this got damn planet to look like your […]

8 Home Made Recipes To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally

What do ladies strive for? Well the list goes on but one thing which shall be common for all the ladies is the striving for soft pink lips. Many of us face the problem of dark lips and pigmentation, there can be many causes for the same but improper care, smoking, excess of tea and […]


Who doesn’t want great, tight, sexy, toned arms..? but not many people are ready to work hard for it…! Here I am going to tell you 5 easy to do effective exercises which will make your arms look… oh la la.. hottt…….! To start with I will name and number the exercises along with sets […]

7 Ways To Use A Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Hey all beauty geeks!!! There was a time when I would look at somebody’s makeup and dream of getting the same flawless look. Since I am a self-taught makeup lover, like all of us, it took me some time to get the techniques right. One major thing that I learned was that although good products […]

Benefits and Uses of Essential Oils

Oil is a very touchy topic for me. I have had oily skin for so long. It is only now that it is becoming more of a combination skin. However, still someone speaks about oily skin and facial oils, I get nostalgic. 🙂 I still remember those days when oils like coconut, almond, castor, etc. […]

Rainy Day Beauty Essentials

Ok, yes we all love the monsoons; the beautiful sky, fresh greenery all around, the pitter patter of rain drops…. But wait! As great as the monsoons can be they can wreck havoc on our skin and hair; think frizzy fly away or greasy and flat hair, oily skin, bleeding make up, break outs. Yuck!! […]

DIY-Banana Coffee Face Pack

Hey all beauty geeks!!! Like you all, I love pampering my skin. However, going to a parlor for a facial is not always possible. For those days, I like to explore and experiment with various DIY face packs. Some are instant hit and some are forever flops. 😉 I am a believer in quick and […]

Lessons to be learnt from Korean Skincare

Hey all beauty geeks!!! How are you all? The summers have finally started here and now it is our turn to say ‘haye garmi’. 😉 I never liked summers because of the havoc it played with my combination skin. However, living in harsh colds for almost 8 months in a year has taught me to […]

What’s in Your Bag This Summer? Must Haves

With the onset of summer, much like wardrobes, the items in a lady’s handbag need to revamped. So, I am here with a “must haves list in your bag” to beat the heat this summer: Sunscreen: Without a doubt, Sunscreen is the most important item in your summer bag, most importantly when you don’t plan […]

Natural & Non-Surgical Ways to Fix Most Common Body Complaints

Going under the knife for fuller lips or a slimmer nose sounds very normal nowadays. But thrust me gals there are many non-surgical ways to fix most common body complaints. All you need to have is a smart mind as few dietary changes, clever clothing and well applied make-up can make a world of difference.  […]