Herbal Ways to Lighten The Complexion

Whenever we see Tv Commercials or some beauty contests or say any matrimony advertisement, we always see this word “FAIR”. For the time immemorial fairness is associated with beauty and dark complexion is not considered as much attractive as a fair skin tone but I don’t find this true. The trend is changing now, many […]

Effective Methods to Remove BLACK AND WHITE heads

We all are aware of the trouble and embarrassment which we face simply because of these so annoying black and white headsL. These are really troublesome and annoying. There are many solutions available in market for these problems. Moreover, there are few homemade remedies too which can really help us to remove these ugly looking […]

Up To Date Cleansing Techniques

Cleansing is one of the most important parts of our daily skin care regime. There are many cleansing techniques available now days. One of such latest techniques is the use of fine and soft bristle brushes which is used to brush or wipe away deep seated dirt on our skin. Dirt makes our skin dead […]

How to Apply Lipstick for beautiful and Luscious Lips

  This is one of the most important questions which keeps coming in our mind that how to apply lipstick so that our lips looks great and beautiful. As we all know that our lips get drier and thinner with the increase in age, especially the upper lip. It’s very important to exfoliate once in […]

7 Steps For Perfect Mascara Application

Girls, your mascara can make or break your beautiful makeup look so it’s very important to apply it correctly and wisely. If you use it too little then it looks as if you are not wearing a mascara at all or if you use it in excess you may resemble a like a panda or some other scary creature […]

Myths about Skin Care Products

Hey Girls!  I am back with some more myths about the cosmetics and beauty products you use. It’s a general claim that using makeup everyday can cause acne, pigmentation, wrinkles and other skin problems. But that is not the case anymore as the makeup products used now a days are completely harmless. If you use a quality product within […]